Steering Committee

The Steering Committtee oversees strategic and financial aspects of CATS, it validates the budget and controles the final results, it controles also the content and the conformity of CATS activities with its values and global direction.

Claire Tamano

(Initiatives of Change France)
General Delegate

Marie-Hélène de Cherisey

(Initiatives of Change France)

Antoine Jaulmes

(Initiatives of Change Switzerland)

Nick Foster

(Initiatives of Change Switzerland)
Caux Forum Director

Daniel Kropf

(Learning For Wellbeing Foundation)
Executive Vice-Chair

Maria Herzcog

(Learning For Wellbeign Foundation)
Executive Team

The Executive Team is the permanent team working throughout the year on every aspect of CATS, from the building of new relationships, to the room allocation for the Caux Forum.

Darren Bird

Executive Director

Luis Pinto

Program Director

Jonathan Levy

International Development and Scientific Director
Credits : IofC Switzerland/Nicolas Lieber

Maylis Guillou-Kérédan

Managing Director

Our team abroad:

Maria Belen Paz Aguilar

CATS Latin America Director
Core Team

The Core Team is our special task force! The members help developing the program thanks to their expertise and/or experience and they coordinate and facilitate the activities for the summer.

Roxanne Landais, France

Gemma Perkins, UK

Ayman Mahmoud, Egypt

Tako Rietveld, Netherlands

Lorna Brookes, UK

Marie Wernham, France

Yakarah Attias, Israel

Jenniger Philpot-Nissen, France

Julia Kragulj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anka Lechowska, Poland

Jean Gordon, France

Karin Morrison, Australia,

Arshad Mozumber, UK

MEOW (Make Earth Our World)

CATS is a forum with a large age range, from 2 year old to +80, and every year, almost half of the participants are under 18. For this reason, and because CATS promotes child participation, it made no sense to have an old-ish core team. With that in mind, two years ago a group of 10 young people got together and since then they’ve been trying to “Make Earth Our World”, or at least make sure that young people can say that CATS is theirs, too.

During the year they build the forum with the rest of the Core Team, helping with the design of the programme, the organisation of the activities, the logistical aspect of the forum… They also have an active role in CATS Governance. Two members of MEOW have a seat in the Steering Committee in order to make MEOW’s voices heard and to ensure the values of CATS are respected.

During the summer every member of MEOW has a role. Some are in charge of a part of the programme, some are facilitating activities, some are helping with communication. They have managed the Instagram and Snapchat account, they also have created the Daily Newsletter, highlighting the daily events of the forum!

The 2018 MEOW Team :

Aksa Ali, 18, UK

Andri Pandoura, 17, Cyprus

Olivia Quarless, 17, UK

Polyxeni Papageorgiou, 19, Cyprus

Rebekah Scerri, 19, Malta

Soleyman Beltaifa, 17, France

Tymon Radzik, 16, Poland

Zgjim Gashi, 18, Kosovo

Zoé Pheonix, 15, France

Find out more about MEOW news :