CATS is the only international conference series on children’s participation. Our team works to create an extended international partnership of individuals and organizations committed to making the world a space for all ages, with all their diversity.

Steering Committee

Yakarah Attias Rosen

(Learning for Well Being):
Head of Operations ot UEF – Learning for Well Being.

Marie-Hélène de Cherisey

(Initiatives of Change France)
Chairperson of IofC France

Gerison Lansdown

(Child to Child):
Chairperson of Child to Child.

Daniel Kropf

(Learning for Well Being)
Founder and Executive Vice-Chair of UEF – Learning for Well Being

Tricia Young

(Child to Child)
Director of Child to Child.

Antoine Jaulmes

(Initiatives of Change Caux)
Vice-chair of IofC France and Chairperson of IofC Caux Foundation.

Barbara Hintermann

(Initiatives of Change Caux)
Secretary General of IofC Caux Foundation since March 2015
Executive Team

Jonathan Levy
(Programme and Scientific Director) : Pedagogue extraordinaire and children’s rights activist

Julia Movshovich
(Operations and Management Director) : Super-organizer passionate about development

Luís Manuel Pinto
(Strategy and Development Director): Multi-tasker with a big imagination and flair for diversity.

  • Services Civiques: Scarlett Corbaux (Programme), Sarah Douzi (Fundraising), Nathalie Quiroga (Communication)
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Core Team

Batia Gilad, Israël
Claire O’Kane, Child to Child, United Kingdom
Darren Bird, UEF – Learning for Well Being, United Kingdom
Jean Gordon, UEF – Learning for Well Being, France
Jennifer Philpot-Nissen, France
Jonathan Levy, Initiatives et Changement France, France
Julia Movshovich, Initiatives et Changement France, France
Luis Manuel Pinto, UEF – Learning for Well Being, Belgium
Maria Paz, Bolivia
Nik Dee, Dahlström, Sweden
Tricia Young, Child to Child, United Kingdom
Yarakah Attias-Rosen, UEF – Learning for Well Being, Israël


Arshad Mozumder, United Kingdom, 19

Borislava Dineva, Bulgaria, 19

Donya Azimi, Sweden, 20, UEF – Learning for Well Being

Emily Peters, United Kingdom, 17

Roxanne Landais, France, 16, La Source

Sean Downey, Ireland, 17, EPIC

Kassandra Beltran, Cyprus, 16, Cyprus Children’s Parliament

Lilyana Slavova, Bulgaria, 19

Polyxeni Papageorgiou, 18, Cyprus

Rebekah Scerri, Malta, 18

Ted Simonds, United Kingdom, 19

Tobias Nissen, France, 12

Core Partner Organizations

The Core Team is made up of people from these organisations as well as many others associate Partner Organizations who all work on making this conference a success.

Initiatives et Changement France, the initiator of the CATS project, aims to develop active citizens by working with children, youth, and adults to be partners for change to improve society.

Child to Child works to realise and mainstream children’s right to participate. It is a pioneer in transformational approaches that inspire children to work together to change their world, leading to healthier, safer lives and better access to education.

Learning for Well Being Foundation envisions inclusive and supportive societies where children and adults respect each other as competent partners, and learn how to realise their unique potential throughout their lives.

CAUX – Initiatives of Change Foundation (CAUX-IofC) organises and coordinates international and local conferences, seminars and training in Switzerland, primarily in its Conference Centre, the Caux-Palace, bringing together a true diversity of people.

Making Earth Our World (MEOW) is an international group of children and young people who previously participated in CATS Global Forum

Associate Partner Organizations

Eurochild advocates for children’s rights and well-being to be at the heart of policymaking. It influences policies, builds internal capacities, facilitates mutual learning and exchanges practice and research.