CATS France is a two days youth-led event, named “Children-Adults solidarity, the pleasure of learning together”, that was held at the school La Source in Meudon, France, on March 10th and 11th, 2018.

During those two days, we aimed to demonstrate that innovative solutions to school dropouts of children and young people can be found.

The idea of CATS France was initiated after the CATS International Forum of 2016 by young and adults participants. Mohamed, Elvire, Maxime, Jessie and Balthazar are young participants that came to CATS and wanted to create their own forum in order to organize a local meetup based on their experience. They, along with their school La Source, the association AFJK, the CSF and Initiatives of Change France, co-organized this forum.

This national forum in France was the occasion to question school dropout and to aim together to the success of everyone, through the co-construction between young people and adults.

The Flyer
The Report (in French)

Read the CATS France Report to learn more about the event (in French only)

Rapport CATS FRANCE 2018 FR