Together, let's be actor of a better world

In March 2014, OKAIDI launch its platform: Good World, making a reality out of their motto “ACT FOR KIDS”. It enables every child to be an actor of change. Through it children, alone or in groups, can submit their ideas to improve the environments they grow up in. In the end, a kid get the chance to see its project come true, with the help of OKAIDI. There are different categories the children can submit their project:

  • Good Diversity
  • Good Generosity
  • Good Energy
  • Good Curiosity
  • Good Nature
  • Good Creativity
  • In 2017, CATS joined the platform as a member of the jury for the category Good Diversity, represented by Roxanne Landais, 2017 MEOW member.

Discover the previous winners
Goodworld 2014 - Maëva, 13 years old
Goodworld 2016 - Yuna