The Theme

CATS 2016 explored how children, young people and adults can contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), under the theme ‘From local to global: how can we influence policy?’. The seven-day conference examined this theme through the lens of People, Planet, and Possibilities. Three hundred participants – half of them children and young people from over 40 countries – engaged in a variety of activities including together times, workshops and community groups. The week progressed from understanding the SDGs, through learning what individuals are already doing about them, to imagining what new initiatives and proposals CATS could come up with.

Highlights of the week

Children, young people, and adults explored the CATS programme through the lens of:

The 3P’s :People, Planet, Possibilities which regroup all of the Sustainable Development Goals. We learned, reflected, and debated together on our individual and collective roles in reaching the Global Goals. Each day addressed a different dimension of the 3Ps through interactive activities based on sharing experiences and reflections in Together Times, Community Groups, Workshops, and the Evening Programme.

The day dedicated to ‘People’ featured the CATS Human Library, a session which provided amazing stories from around the world: from the MiddleEast to South America, from Asia to Europe.

The ‘Planet’ day raised awareness of our individual and collective impact on the environment. A Web of Connections activity recreated different ‘ecosystems’, to help participants understand the power of human choices. Who is affected by the construction, trading and use of Smartphones? What are the consequences of animal testing for cosmetics? How did that steak get onto your plate and what difference does it make to the planet?

The CATS Parliament provided a space for participants to address ‘Possibilities’ by presenting proposals on how to address one of three SDGs nominated earlier in the week (education, peace and justice, and ending poverty). The top three proposals were then taken to the Night of Change. Suggestions included encouraging the upcycling of electronic devices, systematic inclusion of children in the decision-making process in schools, and creating a global children’s and youth parliament.

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"The opportunity to be in CATS with this huge number of kids and people from all over the world richened our culture and affected our personalities in way that it made it stronger and more open toward the others. " Kenda Yousef Abd-Alkareem, Student, 15, Jordan

Key Speakers