The Theme

This year CATS was held from the July 26th to August 2nd and focused on the thematic “Young Advocates for Change”. The aim was to help children developing their expertise as advocates so that they can go back to their communities with the passion and the skills to bring about meaningful and sustainable change. The objective was also for the adults to be equipped with cutting edge ideas and practices on child participation that enable them to work in meaningful partnership with children to bring about change. Finally, this edition wanted children and adults together to understand the contribution that each can make to the realisation of children’s fundamental human right to participate in the transformation of society and realize their unique potential.

Highlights of the week

Each morning started with a plenary session with parallel children’s workshops for those under 10. This was followed by varied workshop options to finish off the morning. The afternoon was a chance to discuss subjects more in depth during CDGs (community discussion groups) with a diverse group of participants, who also worked together during work shifts to help run the Caux House. Afterwards, the Hub provided an informal space for organization’s presentations, creative expression, project planning and continued reflection. The conference provided interactive and fun evening programs to round off the day, including a treasure hunt, NGO marketplace, children’s presentations, talent and theatre evening, and disco nights.

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