The Theme

CATS was held from July 29th to the 4th of August 2017 and focused on the thematic “Reaching for an inclusive world”, based on the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which are that every child has the right to participation and that society should be inclusive for even the most marginalized. CATS decided to explore how children and adults for all over the world can commit to make our society more inclusive, to ensure that no one is excluded because his age, his health, his nationality, his social origin etc. and that everybody can be heard on the issues affecting them. This broad theme is our red thread for the term 2017-2020. CATS 2017 edition intended to lay the foundations of the debate, to understand the issues of inclusion, the causes of exclusion and that everyone can act, at its level, to make more inclusive the environment in which children grow up and thrive. This meant to, all together, “reach for an inclusive world”.

Highlights of the week

This year we designed a new version of CATS with new activities like the Learning Spaces, the Let’s Explore Workshops and the 90 Day Challenge but we also kept some of the most successful activities from past editions like the Human Library, the Cultural Night or the CATS Marketplace. Here is an overview of the most appreciated activities this year.

During the Human Library, we’ve heard very inspiring and moving stories about inclusion: fighting discrimination, everyday people making a change, citizenship and decision making, school to empower changes and advocacy in communities. For instance, Alex and Olivia, two young girls from Liverpool who came with the NGOs “Children of Prisoners and Person Shaped Support” shared their experience of having parents in prison and impressed the readers with their strength, their maturity and their joy. Being the witnesses of their empowerment throughout the week confirm us the importance of CATS as a platform for children to express themselves, gain confidence, self-esteem and acceptance.

The new 2 hours workshops “Let’s Explore” was a funny way to explore diversity and inclusion through arts, games, meditation, dance, storytelling, theatre and dialogue. Many participants expressed their enthusiasm about the workshops and want to bring it back next year.

Throughout the week, participants learned, experienced and explored different types of exclusion and inclusion in the Learning Spaces and gathered the last day in the Hub to build their “inclusive society”.

The Call for action – 90 day Challenge aimed to inspire and encourage participants to take actions forward after CATS. Participants thought about an initiative to start when they got back home. At the end, we collect 18 projects at the end. For instance, the Kragulj family from Bosnia and Herzegovina has decided to pick up (and then throw away) a bag of litter every day for 90 days. They called their challenge “Operation Clean Up Our City”.

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“Each and everyone of us has the potential to make the difference so go out there and let us all work together and join hands to create a future that is just and sustainable. Time is not on our side so we must act now”, Kehkashan Basu.

Key Speakers