The Theme

In 2018, Children as Actors for Transforming Society will explore – through lived experiences and examples of inspiring practice – how children’s participation can be an important catalyst for ending violence against children.

In the “Protective Environment Framework” (PEF) developed by UNICEF, there are 8 areas that we need to work on at the same time in order to make a real difference to ending all violence against all children. Here they are in child-friendly language, with the original “adult” language in brackets:

  • Get the government to make good plans and projects and pay for them (Governmental commitment to fulfilling protection rights – including appropriate policies and budgets);
  • Have good laws and take them seriously (Legislation and enforcement);
  • Change people’s attitudes and behaviour (Attitudes, traditions, customs, behaviour and practices);
  • Get everyone to talk freely, and work with the media and others (Open discussion, including the engagement of media and civil society);
  • Help children understand, speak up and take action (Children’s life skills, knowledge and participation);
  • Help adults prevent and deal with violence (Capacity of those in contact with the child);
  • Have proper services to help children (Basic and targeted services);
  • Make sure people do what they promise (Monitoring and oversight).
  • You can think of these like slices of a circle/pie/cake/pizza. You can use this circle to map out who is already doing what and where there are gaps. You don’t have to work in all 8 areas yourself, but to make a bigger difference, you should work more closely with people and organisations who are experts in the other areas.

    For CATS, we’ve turned the circle into an 8-colour striped umbrella. Under the umbrella, we can all feel protected from violence – which is like thunder and lightning. But if any of the 8 bits are missing, then we will get wet (we might experience violence) ☹. This is why we children and adults need to work together– like the title of CATS: “Safe Together” 😊.

    For CATS, we especially want to explore how children can influence or participate in the different parts of the umbrella.

    We use what we call a “child rights approach”. This means we don’t think of children as “victims”, but we think of children as people with dignity, who are all equally important, with important things to say. We believe all children (people under 18) have the same rights. These rights are explained in the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child. A lot of these rights are about protecting children from violence (like Articles 19, 28, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37 and 39) and lots of people, organisations and governments around the world are trying to make this happen in practice.

    One of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 16.2) is also about ending violence against children. There’s also a worldwide campaign to end all violence against children which is led by the World Health Organisation and lots of others.

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    About Caux

    CATS takes place in the Caux Palace. You can find out more about the venue pratical details (prices, how to get there…) but also about its history and about the other event taking place during the summer on Caux Forum website : !