CATS - Children as Actors for Transforming Society

From 2012 to 2018, Initiatives of Change Switzerland, Initiatives of Change France and Learning For Wellbeing Foundation proposed a series of conferences on child participation.

CATS was an international forum series on children’s participation. This interactive weeklong forum offered to learn, explore and share experiences and expertise in promoting inclusive and sustainable child participation.

This learning journey led the above mentioned partners to reach the conclusion they would now like to give a different expression to their commitment to children’s rights, in a way that best suits their respective vocation.

Should you wish to inquire about the future plans of each of the partners in the field, please consult our contact page.


A varied, creative, inclusive and fun programme co-designed and co-led by children and adults


An opportunity for participants to deepen their knowledge of children’s participation and challenges attitudes and beliefs about what children are capable of achieving


A global space, with all continents represented


A unique space for adults and children to come together and live in mutual respect and understand the contribution that each can make to transforming society


Cutting edge insights into the theories and practices of children’s participation


Ethical and meaningful participation of children and young people in planning, implementing and monitoring CATS

Partner Organizations